Reflection: Investigating serial sexual abuse and the power structures that enable it for a documentary film I'm directing, while standing against abuse within the photo industry

I have spent the last 6 years investigating serial sexual abuse and the power structures that enable it for a doc film I’m directing while standing against abuse within the photography industry. Given the recent ethical failings of a prominent photog and his agency, I have thoughts. When I wrote this article in 2017 , I did so with a number of predatory photographers in mind. No 1 on that list is now under fire for taking photos of an alleged child rape victim (‘prostitute’) in Thailand - David Alan Harvey. Many others are doing an excellent job unpacking the...

Looking back on 2019

This year I decided to switch things up from the usual recommendations to sharing some of the work I've created in 2019. It's been an enormously challenging and rewarding year between my film and photo work -self care, patience, and balance has never more important on all fronts. I'm happy to share some of the highlights from the year.

Tips and Tools for 2018

Another year, another list of tips for upping your business game as a freelance photographer. Sure, it's supposed to come out in Jan, but life, ya know?  Links are in the headers. Feedback and further recommendations are always welcome! Also, if you care to rewind, check out my  2016 and  2017 tips. Transferwise's Borderless Account Transferwise has always been great, but nearly impossible to get clients to send money through. This is a *massive* game-changer for freelancers trying to receive payment in a major foreign currency. When you enroll...

Tips and Tools for 2017

For the second year, I've put together a mixed list of things that have helped me beef up my freelance game in the areas of workflow organization, time management, health, and whatever else. (All 2016 recommendations like Blundstones and Mooncups are still solid!) Links are in the captions or below. Feedback and further recommendations are always welcome. Thinktank Custom Modular Belt System  I've been using the Thinktank Change-Up 2.0 and modular belt pouches for about 9 months now, and still love it - my back is grateful. Check out my review here . I find myself...

Tips and Tools for 2016

I prefer ‘goals’ to ‘resolutions’, and this year I’m aiming to beef up my freelance business game in the areas of workflow organization, time management, and health. I’m also going to start keeping a semi-regular blog for when the mood strikes, which is one of my to-do list scribbles that is far overdue. I’ll kick it off with a grab bag of 11 things that I’ve found beneficial to my workflow (and life-flow) that I want to share with anyone who might find them useful rolling into 2016 (links in captions): Home of the Original Menstrual Cup...

The Search for a Better Day Bag

We all seem to be on a never-ending hunt for the perfect day bag. One size certainly doesn’t fit all, and especially for women's bodies, it’s felt impossible to find something that fits all needs ergonomically without too much bulk or weight. Finding a well-fitted bag and having good shooting habits is critical to sustaining a long career as a photographer (read more on that here ). RIP, my trusty but imperfect Kata W-92 I started my career using a Kata Waist Pack W-92 that was given to me pre-journalism. I would sling it across my chest or back, tight to my body so I...
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Amanda Mustard | Photographer and Filmmaker

Photojournalist and filmmaker telling stories from around the globe. Mustard is based between Bangkok, Thailand and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and is ready for assignment anywhere in between.
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